COOPERS' CHRISTMAS - Official Trailer   Christmas movie set in 1985  Director: Warren P. Sonoda  Starring: Samantha Bee, Jason Jones
  TEXTUALITY - Official Trailer   Director: Warren P. Sonoda  Starring: Jason Lewis, Eric McCormack, Carly Pope
  WHEN MOSES WOKE   Dance feature film chronicling the life of Harriet Tubman  Director: Seth-Adrian Harris  Winner: Gemini award for Best Direction in a Performing Arts Feature
 THE BARRENS - Official Trailer  Director: Darren L. Bousman  Starring: Stephen Moyer, Mia Kirshner
  THE SHRINE - Official Trailer   Director: Jon Knautz
  THE CELLO   Canadian Film Centre Dramatic Short Film  Director: Erik Cimon
  THE PIN - Official Trailer   Drama set in Eastern Europe in WWII  Director: Naomi Jaye  Awards: Grand Prix, Warsaw Jewish Film Festival